Tax deductions Purchase of electrical appliances

Tax deductions Purchase of electrical appliances

Let's clarify the possibility of purchasing electrical appliances (appliances) such as products for heating and cooling by Radialight, deducting half of the expense.

The purchase in 2020 of household appliances can be deducted 50% in 10 years by the IRPEF, according to the provisions of the recent budget law
(law n.160 / 2019 - art.1, paragraph 175 -
Link ).

Conditions necessary to benefit from the tax deduction

It is essential that the products are purchased as part of a building renovation of the following types:

- Extraordinary maintenance
- Building renovation
- Restoration and conservative restoration
- Ordinary maintenance (only on condominium parts)
and that the intervention did not start before 01/01/2019

What does the law say?

"The deduction is due for the purchase of new furniture and new appliances of an energy class not lower than A + (A or higher for ovens and washer dryers), as indicated by the energy label. The purchase is however facilitated for household appliances without label, provided that no obligation has yet been established for them.

Large appliances include, for example: refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, washer dryers and dryers, dishwashers, cooking appliances, electric heaters, microwave ovens, electric hot plates, electric heating appliances, electric radiators, electric fans, electric appliances. conditioning".

What is the maximum amount that can be deducted?

The 50% deduction must be calculated on a maximum amount of 10,000 euros, referring, overall, to the costs incurred for the purchase of furniture and large appliances.

What to do to get a refund?

1) Payments must only be made by bank transfers and these must be specific for renovation works.

It should be indicated:
- the reason for the payment (order or invoice number);
- the tax code of the beneficiary of the deduction;
- the VAT number of the supplier

2) It is necessary to deliver to those who fill out the tax return:

- certification of the transfer;
- purchase invoice.
- VAT rate applied in the purchase.

If the Radialight electric heating and cooling systems are purchased directly from the parent company or from a distributor / retailer, the VAT is the ordinary one, at 22%.

If, on the other hand, the products are supplied by an installer or by a company under a contract, 10% VAT is applicable (*)

(*) with certain limitations, ie only on the difference between the overall value of the service and that of the goods themselves.