Touch Digital fan heater

Touch Digital fan heater

Elegance and technology to heat your bathroom with minimum space.

Safe, quiet and smart: with a thickness of only 11 cm and an ultra-flat design, the TOUCH digital fan heater - and in the version with a TOUCH VISIO mirror front - will give your bathroom a hi-tech touch. Thanks to a completely renewed air circulation mechanism, the wall-mounted fan heater is extremely quiet, guaranteeing rapid and uniform heat distribution in your bathroom, and at the same time heating your towels quickly.

Forget the cold awakenings or the wet baths in the early morning: TOUCH integrates a programming function to obtain a perfectly heated bath at the desired time.

Warming style
Thanks to the integrated presence sensor, TOUCH will heat only when necessary, avoiding unnecessary energy waste.
10 minutes after you have left the bathroom, in fact TOUCH will automatically set itself on the ECO function (3.5 ° C less than the setting set on the room thermostat), reducing its consumption level.
Of course, as soon as a presence in the environment is detected, TOUCH will automatically return the temperature to the set comfort level.
Alternatively you can use TOUCH in a programmed way, to have the temperature you prefer at the desired time.

✔️ Touch Screen Controls + Led Display, for precise adjustment of the desired temperature
✔️ Presence sensor integrated in the product, to heat only when necessary, avoiding wasteful energy waste
✔️ Weekly programming function
✔️ Integrated towel bar + 4 hidden ends in the back of the product to dry an extra number of wipes
✔️ Ultra-flat design: only 11 cm thick when installed on the wall
✔️ Removable and washable dust filter
✔️ IP24 protection against splashing water, ideal for installation in damp locations

Available in two versions:
✔️ glossy white TOUCH with gray towel bar
✔️ glossy white TOUCH with mauve-colored towel bar

Measurements cm: 50 (width) x 30 (height) x 11 (thickness)
Power at 230V: 1800 W
Total thickness from the wall to product installed: 11.5 cm
Net weight: 2.6 Kg (3.4 Kg VISIO model)
Thermostat: Electronic

Made in Italy

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