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Radialight® by Ermete Giudici S.p.A.

The Hermes JUDGES S.P.A. It born in the 30's as a manufacturer of small household appliances.

In 80 years of commitment to the manufacture of new electrical heating systems, Ermete Giudici S.p.A. He has developed a deep knowledge in the design and manufacture of electrical applications for the heat sector and air treatment.

Such a wide range suitable for such diverse applications has enabled us to become a leader among other European companies in the field of electric heating.

The instability and the continuous evolution of the market then they gave us the opportunity to face new challenges constantly.

This is why we continue to develop new projects and successful, so that our products are more competitive and better quality.

The list of innovations become increasingly longer and our partners have now identified as creators of successful products.

Over the years we have been able to grow our own brand with the high technical quality and a high level of design.

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