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The Terminter srl has been on the electro-technical and chemical market since 1948, when it was founded as an engineering and design. Thanks to the great technical skills and the taste of the trial, the Company, in a decade left the intangible dimension of the design to arrive at more solid productive dimension.

The growth was also developed on the basis of intuition to follow an ecological design policy. Pursuing their own objectives, such as energy savings, the Company specialized in the design of equipment for water treatment for home use.

The new development was a success and in the nineties the distribution network on the Italian territory was covered widely thanks to an ownership relationship with various distribution companies.

At the same time, the Group expanded further increasing productive varieties, and acquiring greater value with the entry into the Group of Eurocos company with the production of equipment for cooling and carbonating water and Bores, with the production of equipment for water treatment and dosing systems.

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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items