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We produce quality for the Air.

AERAULIQA SRL is an Italian company engaged in the development and production of ventilation units for residential, commercial and industrial.

The ability to design fans and industrializzarli combines with attention to aesthetic forms and functionality, so that our products can be integrated harmoniously in the environment to ensure the internal air quality and thus the health and serenity of people who live in them and the good maintenance of the structure itself.

Creativity and constant technical innovation punctuate our route.

Continuous study and careful development of new ventilation units allow us to regularly expand our catalog with advanced solutions.

We pay special attention to the choice of materials and components, intended for a careful consumer both esthetics and quality and convenience of use.

We produce our ventilation units in Italy according to the latest safety standards and efficiency.

process control, functionality, electrical and aesthetic parameters: every aspect is carefully tested and validated during assembly.

The evidence is given by the label "Safety Test" which is automatically printed for each machine only if all the control criteria are met: a computer system stores the results to make them available at any time.

We chose the direct line to the customer: only takes a few minutes to receive technical support pre- or post-sale, to order an article or to learn the status of preparation of a contract.

We are manufacturers and therefore we are able to provide you with timely, competent and competitive prices.
Aerauliqa add a product in your environment will improve your life, with elegance and style.

Our company is part of Elta Group Ltd, a family of companies engaged in the search for innovative technological solutions with maximum respect for the environment

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